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A Renewed Tradition

Founded in 1936, the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (National Polytechnic Institute, IPN) is the most important public technological higher education center in Mexico. Academic quality is one of our main distinctions: more than 95% of our students are trained in an educational program at a quality level recognized by accrediting agencies. The Institute was founded on the premise of supporting the country’s industrialization and national development process, as well as to offer education opportunities to various social sectors, especially the less favored. In 2004, the IPN undertook a process of institutional transformation to renew its mission. With over 73 years of existence, its role in higher education, science and technology, and the quality of services it provides, has propelled the Institute to become a national leader in technological education with broad public recognition. During the 70th anniversary of its foundation, the Institute reaffirmed its hard-earned place in the heart of Mexico with the unveiling of an allusive plaque in the Senate, the inscription of the name of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in gold letters in the Honor’s Wall of the Lounge of the Plenary Room of the House of Representatives, and at the forefront of the IV Legislative Assembly of the Federal District.
Currently, the Institute intends to enhance its leadership in its major fields, and continues to foster activities in technology development and technology transfer, alliances with the productive sector and community services. The Institute is an innovative educational institution, with high quality, and presence, that upholds its motto fully in force: “Technology to meet the needs of the Nation.

Our Facts

149,409 technical high school, undergraduate and graduate level students

131,564 students at the Virtual Campus and in continuous education centers

53,835 students in Foreign-Language units

20 scientific and technological research centers

15,602 scholars and researchers

An educational TV Channel (OnceTV), with national and international coverage

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Instituto PolitÉcnico Nacional

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