IPN´s Characters of Interest

Víctor Chambón Burgoa

Author of the official IPN battle song and part of the first American football squad. He was a well-educated man who spoke numerous languages, played multiple musical instruments, and enjoyed sports, particularly American football. He was born on October 13, 1917, and attended ESCA to study accounting. Professionally, he assisted in the establishment of an American wax paper factory in Mexico. He worked there for the majority of his career, as well as at the American Machine Foundry (AMF). On December 7, 1987, he died.

Armando González Domínguez

Hymn music composer for the IPN. He became a well-known pianist after being born in Motul, Yucatán. He began his studies in Mérida before traveling to Mexico City and enrolling in the National Conservatory of Music. On July 1, 1957, he began working in the IPN's Social Action Department. He was a multidimensional and musically creative individual who wrote various hymns' music and words. He conducted various orchestras and wrote several plays and waltzes. He led two musical ensembles totaling 90 musicians at an event marking the Mexican Revolution's centennial. Armando González died on February 15, 1993, in Mexico City. When IPN students sing his anthem, he lives on in their voices.

Carmen de la Fuente

The author of the IPN hymns. She was a wonderful woman who excelled in both academics and music. Carmen de la Fuente began her career as a teacher at the IPN in 1945, and she eventually rose to the position of coordinator and supervisor of Spanish, Castilian, and universal literature at the pre-professional and professional schools. She curated art shows featuring the works of José Ma. Velasco, Dr. Atl, and Joaquín Clausell. "Viaje por un siglo" is one of his most well-known literary works, containing high-quality prose and poetry. It was written in four volumes and published by the International Publishing Network. Carmen de la Fuente produced her masterpiece for the IPN community, which is still performed with intensity, out of her love for the institution: the Anthem of the IPN. On October 13, 2013, she died in Mexico City.

Armando López Fonseca

He was one of the students who created the IPN logo. He was born in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua on May 28, 1924. He attended the illustrious Instituto Técnico Industrial to study Technical Construction. For more than a decade, Armando López served as executive director of the Mexican Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. He served as an industrial safety expert during the construction of the PEMEX Tower. He is regarded as one of Mexico's first industrial engineers. He held a number of senior academic and administrative posts at the Tecnológico de Chihuahua, where he was a founding professor. He is currently employed at Chihuahua's Centro Tecnológico para la Industria y los Servicios # 122.

Jesús Robles Martínez

He created the IPN slogan while a student there. He was a great student who graduated from ESIME in 1940 as part of the first group of Electrical and Electronic Communications Engineers. In 1937, he was the first president of the National Federation of Technical Students, and on August 1, 1944, he began his career as a professor at IPN. He had a long political career; he was a teacher's union representative before being chosen General Secretary of the Education Union and the Federation of State Workers Union, as well as manager of Mexico's National Bank of Public Works and Services. Jesús Robles was likewise elected to the Chamber of Deputies on June 14, 2004.