Business Acceleration

Business Acceleration

The Institutional Enterprise Acceleration Model is an initiative of the IPN's Polytechnic Unit for the Development and Competitiveness of Business (UPDCE) for the development and growth of SMEs, (PyMES) based on research, innovation and technological development.

To implement this model, a strategic alliance for SMEs (PyMES) between the academy and the government is formed in order to build a platform of support for Mexican entrepreneurs whose organizations grow above their sector’s average and which services or products are based on knowledge, thus conferring them the designation of technology-based companies.

This academy is represented by a team of researchers, students and academics from the IPN who substantiate the technical profiles and professional competence required by entrepreneurs in order to operate their projects. The Polytechnic Unit for the Development and Competitiveness of Business through its company acceleration branch represents both the IPN and its institutional strategy to support Mexican entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Economy through the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM) is the agency representing the government (for the attention of small and medium size enterprises) as well as the governing body of the financing granted to entrepreneurs in Mexico for the support of their growth (SME).

Diagnostics and Business Solutions

Training and advisory services are offered according to the needs of the company as well as consulting on business diagnostics, advice in several areas such as strategic planning, business plans, investment projects, risk identification and control implementation in critical processes, among others

Commercial Positioning and Exports

Relevant information on foreign trade such as courses, seminars and diploma courses, specialized consulting, among others is duly provided.

Business Accelerator

The accelerator maintains a support scheme for business activities, based on the sustainable development of national and international recognition, with a focus on research, innovation and technological development.

The acceleration strategy is based on a timely detection of organizations with competitive profiles, offering them acceleration solutions through a comprehensive program supporting entrepreneurs of mature competitive profiles whose growth shows technological limitations

Stages of the Acceleration Strategy

  • Competitiveness model: It is the training and skills development phase for entrepreneurs and SMEs (PyMES) with growth expectations.
  • Learn how to compete: It consists of the acceleration of established SMEs (PyMES) with competitive profiles based on technology through standardization.
  • Compete to grow: It is the growth phase of SMEs (PyMES) through research, innovation and technological development projects for CONACyT.
  • Online Management: It is the consolidation process phase through business automation and the support of information technologies.

​For further information on the acceleration of companies, consult the Polytechnic Unit for the Development and Competitiveness of Business webpage or call (052)5729 6000 exts. 57030 and 57017, where doubts will be solved.