Technological Innovation (TecnóPoli)

The Dirección de Prospectiva e Inteligencia Tecnológica, TecnóPoli of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, is a strategic ally of the different public, private and social sectors. We generate opportunities for technological innovation with national and international impact for the benefit of society.

TecnóPoli provides information that facilitates decision-making to implement high-impact national projects that contribute to positioning the country in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, through the development of technological intelligence and foresight studies, with collaborative work between the IPN's community of experts in research, technological development, and infrastructure. Through scientific, technological, and market knowledge, we get a competitive advantage.

We operate the "Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, Prospectiva Tecnológica y de Negocios del IPN" (CNP), which provides surveillance, foresight and technological innovation services.

Our catalog of services includes :

  • Intelligence and strategic foresight studies.
  • Analysis of scientific and technological market trends.
  • Detection of business opportunities.
  • Mapping and analysis of patents and state of the art.
  • Digital art, professional audiovisual material.
  • Advice, training, specialized courses, and workshops.
  • Other services adapted to your needs.
  • Management of the Socially Responsible Company Distinction.
  • Management and development of related projects.
  • Search and monitoring of calls for proposals for the financing of projects linked to companies or government.
  • Manufacture and production of prototypes and industrial parts with CNC technology.
  • Digital solutions for the management of business projects.

Our Clients Include:

AICM, SEDATU, BIRMEX, SEP. Goverments y Municipalities of Chihuahua, Veracruz, Tlaxcala.


For more information on the Technological Development Unit's (TechnoPoli) services, please visit our website or call (052)5729 6000 exts. 57638, or **57656, where inquiries will be answered.