Transfer of technology

​In order to carry out technological transfer processes, the National Polytechnic Institute has created the Office of Technology Transfer which is set within thePolytechnic Unit for the Development and Competitiveness of Business. It is the authorized entity for the management of intellectual property rights and the marketing of technologies.

This office is the link between the Polytechnic community and the industrial, private, public and social sectors in order to commercialize the knowledge generated from research through licenses or other commercial schemes. The services offered by this office are:

Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management

It is the process which generates legal protection models for the technological developments of the Institute with commercial potential. It consists of:

  • Search for the state of the art of Intellectual Property.
  • Analysis of patentability.
  • Writing applications for Intellectual Property (national and international).
  • Development of technical files related to Intellectual Property.
  • Follow-up of Intellectual Property registration applications.
  • Follow-up of copyrights of Intellectual Property.
Thechnology trade

Thechnology trade

It is the set of resources and means used in order to sell, transfer, license or exchange technologies, intellectual property assets and technological packages. This process of commercialization of technology comprises:

  • Support for the adoption and assimilation of technology.
  • Alliances of the Office of Technology Transfer.
  • Technology Portfolio.

​​For further information on the transfer of technology, please consult the page of the Polytechnic Unit for the Development and Competitiveness of Business or call (052)5729 6000 exts. 57018 and 57029 or via email:, where doubts will be solved.