The Guinda Program: A Powerful Tool to Eradicate Violence

The Guinda Program: A Powerful Tool to Eradicate Violence

Andrés Chavarría

The purpose of the Guinda Program, created by the Coordination of Protection and Security (COPS) within the General Secretariat, is to coordinate and evaluate the necessary actions to ensure the comprehensive protection of the community and heritage of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN).

The main objective of this program is to disseminate the rights and obligations of students, as outlined in current regulations, regarding non-violence, the consumption and sale of alcohol and drugs within the Institute's facilities, digital aggression, or any other action that compromises their integrity.

Additionally, the program aims to promote a culture of self-protection by encouraging the reporting of any criminal or violent acts witnessed in their academic environment. This can be done either by personally visiting the Gender Network or the Comité de Seguridad y Contra la Violencia (Cosecovi) at their campus, or through the platform, which protects the identity of the informants.

With the support of auxiliary police at the campuses, the program also provides protection and on-site accompaniment to alleged victims of violence who are in the process of resolving a harassment or stalking complaint, with the aim of preventing confrontations or clashes with their aggressors.

Since October 2022, during visits by multidisciplinary teams to schools, attention has been given to the student population on topics related to violence prevention through:

Workshops and on-site dissemination with multidisciplinary staff; personalized attention has been provided to students and teachers from 22 academic units, with a focus on incoming groups.

Prevention operations implemented when individuals outside the community enter the facilities and endanger the students, requiring the safeguarding of their integrity.

These actions have allowed for the addressing of 315 cases of digital violence detected on social media, the location of 45 people reported in Amber Alert, and an additional 98 reported in the Guinda Alert. There have been 20 personalized counseling sessions where 30 more cases requiring psychological support were addressed.

The Guinda Program has proven to be a powerful tool for joint action between COPS and students in the fight to eradicate violence in our community. To date, over 23,000 individuals have been attended to, categorizing them into the polytechnic community with personalized attention and students and teachers with group attention."

Gaceta Politécnica #1757. (November 15th, 2023). IPN Imagen Institucional: Read the full magazine in Spanish here