Libraries & Publications

We are the Instituto Politécnico Nacional department of libraries and publishing, and we are in charge of managing, coordinating, directing, and creating the circumstances for strengthening library services. One of our goals is to establish a strong library system with a durable infrastructure that can provide access to information at the institutional level in person and/or digitally, while integrating information and communication technologies to fulfill the demand for academic and research information.

Among the various services provided by our library are the following:


Articles Catalog - Books, media, periodicals, and more articles

There is an electronic catalog, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the globe, that allows users to retrieve the bibliographic records of almost 1,800,000 copies of the collection physically housed in the 81 libraries of the IPN Institutional Network. Books, magazines, e-books, printed theses, theses on CD, documents, technical reports, brochures, maps, microforms, slides, films, CDs, and DVDs are among the media offered.


Database - A collection of electronic journals used for research, citations, or specific journals.

The Digital Library service provides users with electronic access to the following content: e-books, journals, databases, peer-reviewed journals with impact factor, research articles, periodicals, reports, videos, peer-reviewed research in science and technology, simulators, series, protocols, standards, proceedings, citation-based evaluation tools, teaching cases, interactive 3D modules, animation The service is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the globe via authentication using the credentials of the institutional email account, to which you will have access if you are a member of the IPN community.


Institutional Thesis Repository

Virtual area accessible from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where you can view full texts of documents resulting from work for degree purposes in the various Academic Units of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. It is arranged into the following Collections by level:

  1. Dissertation
  2. The dissertation (Professional Degree Seminar)
  3. Professional Experience Memory
  4. Professional Development
  5. Unique Program
  6. Study Project (Technical Report)
  7. Academic (Written Work)
  8. Other

Service hours and location

The digital library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Biblioteca Salvador Magaña Garduño
Library Víctor Bravo Ahuja

National Library of Science and Technology is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 hrs. to 21:00 hrs.

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.

Av. Instituto Politécnico Nacional S/N Col. San Pedro Zacatenco Alcaldía Gustavo A. Madero C.P. 07738, Mexico City 55 5729 6000, ext. 54385

ubicación ubicación


Biblioteca Víctor Bravo Ahuja
Library Salvador Magaña Garduño

Central Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs.

Mexico City, Av. Prolongación Carpio y Lauro Aguirre S/N Col. Agricultura Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo C.P. 11360. 55 5729 6000, extension 63205

ubicación ubicación



It has a huge lobby with 700 m2 and is about 13 meters high, in which are shown emblematic works of art such as: two paintings by Saturnino Herrán titled "Alegoría del Trabajo" and "Alegoría de la Construcción" from 1910 and 1911, and a sculpture by Alfredo Zalce titled "Mujer" from 1995. There is also a Foucault Pendulum, which has the following characteristics:

  • Sphere: 23.5 cm in diameter, 25 kilos in weight, manufactured of cast bronze.
  • Suspension: It is a gyroscope cast in an aluminum alloy with a diameter bigger than 30 cm. The suspension cable is 12.3 meters long and consists of 1/8 braided

A Wall of Honor was placed to recognize outstanding personalities of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional for their productions, teaching, research, and dissemination works, and who contribute to the advancement of science, technology, and innovation in the country. It contains portraits of 22 individuals.


Events and workshops

  • The Directorate of Libraries and Publications, as the Coordinating Area of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional's Institutional Network of Libraries, organizes the Institutional Meeting of Librarians each year, with the goal of bringing together prominent personalities in the library field at the national and international levels to share experiences and establish collaborative ties.

  • Guided tours are provided for both the IPN Community and the general public, with the goal of making the services available at both the National Library of Science and Technology "Víctor Bravo Ahuja" and the Central Library "Salvador Magaña Garduño" known.

  • Free on-site and online workshops are held to provide users with access to on-site and online services, as well as to instill informational skills in them, such as catalog management, information retrieval strategies, and the use of electronic resources.

For additional information, please contact us at

Please contact us at: Head of the Division of Library Services, Information, and Documentation, Lic. Norma Jacqueline Delgadillo Velásquez, The Directorate of Libraries and Publications can be reached at or (+52)555729-60000 ext. 54312.