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Program / Metallurgy Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 2


Those trained as Metallurgy Technicians have knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow them to operate, control, and implement actions to optimize metal transformation processes by international standards.

Candidate's Profile


  • Classes are given in Spanish.
  • Basic knowledge of the subjects that precede the career such as:
  • Mathematics
  • Technical Drawing
  • Mathematics in the areas of algebra and trigonometry.
  • Computing
  • Communication
  • Writing
  • English


  • Oral and written communication.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • Handling computer equipment.


  • Confidence to express their ideas.
  • Possess ethical and civic values.
  • Willingness to work.
  • Collaborative and team work.

Graduate's profile

Generic Competences

  • Assume the consequences of their behaviors and decisions.
  • Values art as a manifestation of beauty and expression of ideas, sensations, and emotions.
  • Recognizes physical activity as a means for physical, mental, and social development.
  • Maintains a respectful attitude towards interculturality and diversity of beliefs, values, ideas, and social practices.
  • Identifies key ideas in a text or oral discourse and infers conclusions from them.
  • Constructs hypotheses, designs, and applies models to test their validity.
  • Articulates knowledge from different fields and establishes relationships between them and their daily lives.

Disciplinary Competences

  • Interpret tables, graphs, maps, diagrams, and texts with mathematical and scientific symbols.
  • Identifies social and humanistic knowledge as construction in constant transformation.
  • Identify, order, and interpret the ideas, data, and concepts explicit and implicit in a text, considering the context in which it was generated and in which it is received.

Professional Competences

  • Constructs natural models for the elaboration of simple parts considering the requirements of the industry.
  • Designs and builds industrial models to obtain metallic parts considering the requirements of the industry.
  • Performs measurements and dimensional analysis in both the International System of Units and the English System to apply them in metallurgical processes according to specifications.
  • Analyze the characteristics of minerals for the manufacture of non-ferrous alloys that comply with the quality and standards required by the company.
  • Evaluate the operations of the productive processes to detect problems and make decisions that contribute to the improvement of quality based on current standards and specifications.

Academic Requirements

To enroll in the Middle Highschool with Technical Studies of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), the applicant must comply with the requirements established by the assignment contest of the Comisión Metropolitana de Instituciones Públicas de Educación Media Superior (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the enrollment process as mentioned in the call for applications.

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