imagen-Industrial Welding Technician

Program / Industrial Welding Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 7


Applies industrial welding processes, and supervises the materials and welding performed by national and international regulations in force, responsibly using safety and hygiene measures according to the requirements and technology of the current industry.

Candidate's Profile


  • Basic knowledge of the learning units that precede the career for their integral formation.
  • Administration and quality.
  • Communication.
  • Knowledge of the values and nature of the education provided at the IPN.
  • Knowledge of the philosophy of the IPN.
  • Knowledge of IPN regulations.


  • Executes the ignition and stabilization of the welding arc.
  • Performs welding of the different basic welding joints.
  • Proper use of equipment and work tools.
  • Elaborates beads with different movement techniques.
  • Properly handles the safety norms for the application of welding.


  • Learns autonomously.
  • Shows confidence in making welding joints.
  • Shares information to improve teamwork.
  • Organize their time to develop their activities.

Graduate's profile

The graduate of the Industrial Welding Technician career has competencies that allow them to understand the world and influence it; skills and attitudes that are considered necessary in this disciplinary field, as well as, knowledge to continue learning autonomously throughout their lives; establishing harmonious relationships with those around them.

General Competences

  • Knows the historical development of welding.
  • Identifies the different types of welding, as well as the filler and base materials used in the application of a weld.
  • Properly handles the different welding parameters.
  • Knows the use, parts, and classification of current generators for welding.
  • Identifies the norms applicable to the welding process.

Disciplinary Competences

  • Makes decisions based on experience or in consultation with experts.
  • Collaborates creatively in the design of welds.
  • Organizes his time to develop his activities.
  • Learns by initiative and self-interest.

Professional Competences.

  • Tests pure metals and alloys, identifying their properties and the differences between them, to establish the most adequate welding techniques to achieve solid joints in them.
  • Controls the variables involved in the welding and cutting processes of metals most commonly used in the national industry, to obtain welds that meet the requirements of national and international standards.
  • Applies destructive and non-destructive tests to determine the properties of the metals used in industrial welding and, subsequently with them, qualify welds and welders, as well as determine the health of the welds, based on specifications or national and international standards.

Academic Requirements

To enroll in the Middle Highschool with Technical Studies of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), the applicant must comply with the requirements established by the assignment contest of the Comisión Metropolitana de Instituciones Públicas de Educación Media Superior (COMIPEMS).

Once the results are published, the student must complete the enrollment process as mentioned in the call for applications.

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