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Program / Telecommunications Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 10 | CECyT 11


Candidate's Profile


  • Basic mathematical concepts (arithmetic and algebra).
  • Basic knowledge of physics (electricity and magnetism).
  • Rules of written and oral language.


  • Permanent learning Implying the possibility of learning, take control and direct their own learning throughout their lives, integrate written culture with mathematical, as well as move the cultural, scientific and technological knowledge to understand reality.

  • Manipulation of information
  • Think, reflect, argument and express critical judgement. Analyse, synthetize and use of the information.


  • Empathy to socialize. Implies getting involved harmonically with other and with nature.

  • Efficiently communicates, works in team, makes agreements and deals with others.
  • Grow with others, develop good personal and emotional relationships. Develop personal identity.
  • Identify and value the elements of ethnical, cultural and linguistic diversity present in the country.

Graduate's profile

General Competences

  • Identify the systems and rules or core principles underlying in a series of phenomena.
  • Build hypothesis. Designs and applies models to proof their validity.
  • Express ideas and concepts through linguistic, mathematical or graphic representations.
  • Apply different communicative strategies according to the interlocutor, the context and the pursued objective.
  • Identify key ideas to a text or speech and draws conclusions from them.

    Disciplinary Competences

  • Explain the operation of common use machinery based on scientific knowledge.

  • Design models or prototypes to solve problems, satisfy needs or demonstrate scientific principles.
  • Analyse the general principles that rule the functioning of the physical environment and values the environmental impact of human actions.
  • Be careful with one’s health by knowing one’s body, their vital processes and the environment.

    Professional Competences

  • Install reception and distribution of signal equipment and materials from the reception and control centre according to the stated programme.

  • Operate communication systems of public circuits.
  • Monitor the behaviour of circuit public commuting systems.
  • Verify the physical and operational conditions of the public commuting circuits.
  • Install equipment and materials of central signals of reception and distribution according to the current programme.
  • Maintain equipment, networks and telecommunication systems.

Academic Requirements

To enter the High School Programmes of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the applicant must fulfill the requirements established in the allocation contest of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of High School Education (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the registration process mentioned by the contest publication.

Curriculum Map

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