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Program / Ecology Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 6


The Ecology Technician is in charge of integrally applying the knowledge acquired to detect environmental problems and propose a solution based on national and international legislation and regulations in force.

They have a solid social commitment to achieving the sustainable development of the natural-environment and a harmonious relationship between society and the environment.

The students of this career are prepared for life over-coming the challenges that Education 4.0 demands, and upon completion of their studies will be ready for the social and labor impact that today demands the Institute in its internationalization.

Candidate's Profile


  • Classes are given in Spanish.
  • Basic knowledge of the UA for their integral formation precede the career.


  • Inclination towards experimental sciences.
  • Critical, analytical, and logical thinking.
  • Handling of computer and laboratory equipment.


  • Assumes positive attitudes to work in the laboratory with cleanliness and order.
  • Responsibility to work in a team.
  • Service attitude.

Graduate's profile

Generic Competences

  • Knows and values him/herself and approaches problems and challenges taking into account the objectives he/she is pursuing.
  • Listens, interprets, and emits relevant messages in different contexts through the use of appropriate means, codes, and tools.
  • Supports a personal position on topics of interest and general relevance, considering other points of view critically and reflectively.
  • Learns by initiative and self-interest throughout life.
  • Participates and collaborates effectively in diverse teams.
  • Chooses and practices healthy lifestyles.
  • Participates with a civic and ethical conscience in the life of their community and/or region in Mexico and the world.

Disciplinary Competences

  • Explain and interpret the results obtained through mathematical procedures and contrast them with established models or real situations.
  • Establishes the interrelationship between science, technology, society, and the environment in historical and social contexts.
  • Identifies problems, formulates scientific questions, and raises the necessary hypotheses to answer them.
  • Evaluates personal or common preconceptions about diverse natural phenomena based on scientific evidence.
  • Support opinions about the impact of science and technology in their daily lives, assuming ethical considerations.
  • Obtains, records, and systematizes information to answer scientific questions by consulting relevant sources and performing relevant experiments.

Professional Competences

  • Identify the main causal factors of pollution using tools and methodology of field and laboratory work.
  • Participate in the design and application of strategies to solve environmental problems according to current environmental legislation and sustainable development.
  • Observe, apply and supervise hygiene and safety standards in the work environment.
  • Perform environmental management.
  • Develop and participate in programs and/or research projects on environmental education.
  • Manage information and communication technologies TIC'S.
  • Determine physical, chemical, and biological parameters in water, air, and soil samples.

Academic Requirements

To enroll in the Middle Highschool with Technical Studies of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), the applicant must comply with the requirements established by the assignment contest of the Comisión Metropolitana de Instituciones Públicas de Educación Media Superior (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the enrollment process as mentioned in the call for applications.

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