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Program / Construction Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 1 | CECyT 4 | CECyT 7


A leading career that forms highly competent and competitive Construction Technicians at a national and international level, with a service attitude and possessing civic and ethical values; committed to working and interacting with professionals in the construction of architectural spaces and civil works.

Candidate's Profile


  • Basic computer hardware and software: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and databases).
  • Oral and written communication.
  • Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Biology
  • Oral and written expression.
  • Development of thinking skills.
  • History of contemporary Mexico.
  • Personal Development.


  • Critical and analytical thinking.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • Ability in administrative management.
  • Application of creativity in all actions.
  • Handling computer equipment and software used in the construction area.
  • Correct handling of oral and written expression.


  • Possessing moral and civic principles.
  • A willingness to labor.
  • A sufficient level of personal presentation.
  • Work in teams and with others.

Graduate's profile

Generic Competences

  • Know and value one’s self and address issues and challenges considering the aim to reach.
  • Appreciate, interpret and reflect the art.
  • Choose and practise healthy life styles.
  • Listen, interpret and transmit relevant messages using different means, codes and suitable tools.
  • Develop innovations and give solutions to issues using stablished methods.
  • Support a personal position about relevant topics, considering different points of view with critic and reflexion.
  • Learn of one’s own accord and interest.
  • Participate effectively within groups.
  • Participate with a civic and ethical conscious in his/her community, region, country and the world.
  • Respect the interculturality, beliefs, values, ideals and social practices.
  • Contribute to sustainable development with criterion and responsible actions.

Professional Competences

  • Supervises the materials in force in the construction industry of residential construction according to their specific properties and the corresponding standards in a social context.
  • Applies the construction systems and procedures of black work in the elements that integrate the construction of a house according to the current regulations.
  • Applies the techniques and norms of hygiene and safety to reduce workplace risks in the construction industry in a social context.
  • Manages the necessary procedures for the construction of a house, applying the regulations and complementary technical standards in force in a social context.
  • Develops architectural plans with drawing software according to current regulations in a social context.
  • Solves topographic problems considering the physical characteristics of the place with the methodology and technology in force in a social context.
  • Develops plans for basic residential installations of a house, applying the current regulations in a social context.
  • Manages the technical, legal, and administrative procedures for the creation of small and medium enterprises (SME) dedicated to the construction branch in a social context.
  • Supervises the construction systems and procedures, mechanized and prefabricated, that are used in large works in a context by current regulations.

Academic Requirements

The prerequisites outlined in the National Polytechnic Institute's request must be met in order to enroll in the Non-School and Mixed modalities. The applicant must finish the enrollment process as specified in the call after the results are released.

Curriculum Map

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