IPN among the best institutions worldwide in Ranking of Employability of Graduates
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IPN among the best institutions worldwide in Ranking of Employability of Graduates

• IPN´s General Director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, presented diplomas to polytechnic students who completed the School of Research and Academic English programs at universities in the United Kingdom

• The Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, stressed that Higher Education Institutions contribute to the development of the country

• The position of the IPN in this ranking reflects the strength of the academic training of its graduates; the students who receive their diploma today are the result of the Institute internationalization: Reyes Sandoval

According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings, the National Polytechnic Institute was placed, in this reputation indicator, in the 167th position worldwide of approximately 800 institutions that participate, which implies that there is a very important confidence, both nationally and internationally, of the employers of polytechnic graduates, and reflects the strength of academic training, the competences in research and the important contributions to the various productive and social sectors carried out by the Institute, stressed the head of the IPN, Arturo Reyes Sandoval.

The Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, has stressed Higher Education Institutions have shown an enormous commitment to the country´s development, therefore the importance of continuing with the consolidation of this educational level.

At the ceremony of Presentation of Diplomas to polytechnic students who studied the Research School and Academic English Programs of Durham University, Queen Mary University of London and Leeds University, Reyes Sandoval expressed his satisfaction that from the first day he assumed his responsibility as General Director, he pledged to strengthen the internationalization of the IPN and in these 10 months of administration, the students who today receive their diplomas are the first tangible fruits of this intense work.

“The work that the IPN carries out permanently, he said, with the effort of the polytechnic community in Mexico and the United Kingdom, and that of international institutions, places the Polytechnic in a prominent place in the world and this will allow the position of our house of studies in international rankings to be better every day”.

He said that in upper secondary education, the Polytechnic also occupies the highest positions, since in the tests of knowledge at the national level, the Centers for Scientific and Technological Studies (better known as Vocationals) have come out far above any other institution.

Congratulating the 21 students who studied for eight weeks of the Research School Program and 7 students of the Academic English Program, the head of the Polytechnic ratified the commitment of the IPN to maintain its agreements with universities in different countries. "These courses are very important for polytechnic students, because those who successfully pass them and meet the academic requirements for entry to UK universities are accepted by them into postgraduate programmes."

He explained that with the support of the Universities of the United Kingdom these young people acquired skills to complement and enrich their training, experience and research capabilities, in addition to expanding their knowledge in the English language. “The conclusion of the courses with the universities of Durham, Queen Mary and Leeds are part of the intense institutional activity developed by our house of studies during the health emergency”.

Finally, Reyes Sandoval stressed that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Institute never stopped its activities, but on the contrary redoubled and strengthened them with online work. “That proves how we have worked together towards internationalization, complemented by a scheme of hybrid classes, which are the ones that have given us that possibility of having students who can interact with universities as important as those in the United Kingdom”.

Previously, the IPN´s Director of International Relations, Raul Maldonado Arellano, congratulated the students who received their diploma for this achievement. "You have shown that for polytechnics barriers can be overcome; you are the generation that will give rise to the strength and confidence for those to come, so that they continue to develop in the international arena."

The distinguished polytechnic graduate and Dean of Global Commitment of the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Queen Mary University of London, Teresa Alonso Rasgado, stressed that it is very important that young polytechnics believe in themselves and that the education they receive at the IPN is as good as that offered at any other university in the world.