IPN and Queen Mary University of London boost international research workshop
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IPN and Queen Mary University of London boost international research workshop

• Experts will focus on the SAPIENS project, which seeks new solutions for environmental pollution • The head of the SEP, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, has acknowledged that the IPN has given Mexicans great research for the country´s benefit • The IPN´s General Director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, indicated that SAPIENS represents the opportunity to promote collaboration in global research

To promote collaboration in global research, which affects the generation of new knowledge and innovative solutions for the benefit of humanity, the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), inaugurated the international Workshop SAPIENS (Smart Air Pollution Information Enabling New Solutions), focused on smart cities and environmental pollution.

The Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, has acknowledged that, since its foundation, the IPN has given mexicans knowledge, but also great research and discoveries for the country´s Benefit.

During the virtual opening ceremony, the IPN´s General Director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, stressed this workshop is part of the work the Polytechnic has established with QMUL through various programs that represent the opportunity to address projects of high social impact and an interaction of the polytechnic community with its peers in the United Kingdom and with experts in the field.

He stressed that like Queen Mary, which was born to provide education to the working class of London, the IPN emerged in 1936, as the dream of a group of mexican ideologues who gave it life under the principles bequeathed by the Mexican Revolution of 1910, to offer egalitarian and quality education, of a technological type, for the daughters and sons of the mexican people with few opportunities to access education.

“Queen Mary has a lot of strength in east London and has given the opportunity to provide education to those who need it most, to those from the slightly lower social levels, and in this case we really like that interaction because we identify with them. In the case of the Polytechnic, access has always been given to the people who need it most”, he said.

He reiterated that the focus of the current IPN administration is to strengthen the internationalization of the institution and welcomed the fact that Professor Colin Bailey, rector of Queen Mary University, agrees with this joint vision and endorses his commitment to work together in this cooperative relationship that has been built since 2019.

Reyes Sandoval said that efforts in science, technology, development and research have led the IPN to position itself within the top three places nationally in the production of patents and in the contribution of innovations for the country and the world, such as the creation of color television, which was an original invention of a polytechnic graduate.

Meanwhile, the president and director of QMUL, Colin Bailey, stressed that with the IPN the lasting strategic relationship has been established that has been strengthened over time, and what better than with this SAPIENS project, which seeks to find new solutions to reduce environmental pollution, a challenge that affects cities around the world and that it is necessary to stop due to the impact on people's health.

For their part, Drs. Adriana Lara-Lopez, from IPN and Marcela Bona, from QMUL, explained that SAPIENS is the product of a week of discussion between specialists from both institutions and that it focuses on one of the biggest problems not only in Mexico but in the world: air pollution. They announced that in that week brief talks and tutorials will be presented for graduate students and specialists who wish to join the project, in which the tools used during the first stage and those that have the greatest potential for its continuation will be exposed.