Polytechnic Foundation and Queen Mary University of London agree on mutual cooperation
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Polytechnic Foundation and Queen Mary University of London agree on mutual cooperation

• It will benefit the polytechnic community with dual master's and doctoral degrees, english courses, scholarships, international stays, among others • The head of the SEP, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, stressed that the education sector is open to establishing agreements in the international arena • The IPN ´s General Director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, highlighted the importance of internationalization to accelerate the generation of knowledge

To define a line of work at an international level, Polytechnic Foundation, A.C. and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), signed a Cooperation Agreement for the Establishment of a Collaboration Program that provides for a series of benefits such as english, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, master's and dual doctoral programs, international stays, as well as joint scholarships, among others.

The Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, stressed that the collaborative work carried out in the sector is open to establishing agreements at the international level for the benefit of the learning of children, adolescents and young people.

Participating as a witness of honor, the IPN´s General Director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, stressed that this Agreement becomes a flagship instrument of the internationalization of the National Polytechnic Institute, which seeks to consolidate through the fundamental axis 3 of the Update of the Institutional Development Program (PDI, for it´s acronym in spanish) 2019-2024, as a recognition of the quality of the IPN.

He stressed that, when forming as Higher Education Institutions, both the IPN and QMUL are due to the mission that gave rise to them and for which the first universities in Europe emerged: the universality of knowledge and the search and transmission of truth, through teaching as a means to disseminate knowledge, and the development of sciences to generate new knowledge in favor of social welfare.

"Due to this primary vocation, it is that educational institutions become spaces where ideas, dialogue, the purpose of learning converge, as well as the impulse to create new knowledge; which gives us the opportunity to play an active role in society so that, through our contributions to education, science, technological development, culture and innovation; let us contribute to the resolution of problems in different areas of human activity, as well as to the progress of individuals and nations," he said.

The head of the IPN added that today more than ever it is necessary to strengthen the social mission and internationalization of universities and higher education institutions, in order to accelerate the generation of knowledge and solutions, and provide greater impetus to research, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, innovation and the enrichment of education.

"Queen Mary and IPN, we are a living example of this, as we have carved out the pathways that show us a very promising light from our efforts. Such is the case of the SAPIENS project (Smart Air Pollution Information Enabling New Solutions) that united us in the framework of global research and led to the joint development of a system for the prediction of air quality or the Research School that led to the enrichment of student training, cultural exchange and research capabilities in an online format", he said.

Reyes Sandoval indicated that with this type of initiative the IPN contributes to the commitment that the Mexican State has with the right to public, secular and free education, and that through "the awareness of international solidarity", it further encourages the quality of its educational offer, by now adding the impulse of its internationalization to serve the nation with honor and pride.

On behalf of the QMUL´s Director, Colin Baley, the dean of the London institution, Teresa Alonso Rasgado, said that this is a very complete agreement that includes more than 15 initiatives that will benefit academics and students from both institutions and that, as educational partners, will be able to solve common problems for both nations.

"We will form an international alliance that will not only be important for our intuitions but also for both countries since we will implement various joint academic training actions that will allow us to advance and consolidate important issues in the social, educational, economic and scientific fields for both the United Kingdom and Mexico”, she said.

Meanwhile, the president of the Polytechnic Foundation, Jesus Padilla Zenteno, reiterated his willingness to support and participate in priority activities for the benefit of the Institution, such as this agreement that has been the result of the sum of wills and efforts at the international level.