IPN promotes research, innovation, and entrepreneurship through the Aula Project
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IPN promotes research, innovation, and entrepreneurship through the Aula Project

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) encourages research, proposes innovative and creative solutions, favors collaborative work, the appropriation of new knowledge and skills among high school students because they are important allies to lay the foundations for the transformation of this house of studies.

This was stated by the Director General of the IPN, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, at the inauguration of the 10th "Aula Project" meeting, where he stressed that the Polytechnic works daily to strengthen an educational model based on social commitment, the development of skills required for the fourth industrial revolution, international communication, human development, and learning based on social challenges.

"The Aula Project is part of this model that favors collaborative work with an integrative approach to knowledge that strengthens the teaching-learning process and contributes to the integral formation of students."

Currently, more than 1,500 teachers work on around 1,000 classroom projects per semester and support more than 73,000 high school students. In this edition of the "Aula Project" meeting, 80 projects from the 20 academic units participated.

Reyes Sandoval emphasized that Proyecto Aula has an impact on the students' academic and professional careers and provides them with an international projection by raising awareness of today's major global challenges. "Encouraging the leadership of young IPN students allows us to support our own country with a better future and give hope to a world that has great challenges to solve."

Mauricio Igor Jasso Zaranda, head of the IPN’s Secretaría Académica, emphasized that the Aula Project promotes interdisciplinary collaborative work that has a favorable impact on the academic trajectory and facilitates the students' labor market insertion.

This semester, he said, students from different academic units participated in the same project, thus promoting the convergence of knowledge from different areas.

"Some will have continuity in some forum with a prototype development, or in the participation of some of the funding calls that the IPN carries out, in addition to representing a degree option for those who graduate from middle high school."

As a previous activity, the second edition of the "Aula Project" Hackathon was held, with the participation of 200 students and 40 teachers, who, in a record time of 48 hours, developed a proposed solution to different challenges presented by the 21st century society.