IPN receives award for online admission test application
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IPN receives award for online admission test application

• With the implementation of this modality, more than 126 thousand applicants to higher and middle school levels were attended.
• With this project, the IPN was an educational option for applicants from Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Peru

The Instituto Politécnico Nacional received the first-place award in the contest "The most innovative of Netmedia 2022", for the project Online Admission Test, in the category of the public sector, for the importance of moving towards digital processes for the benefit of applicants.

Upon receiving the award, the director general of the IPN, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, informed that, with the innovation of this process, it was possible to increase the scope and registration of applicants by more than 20 percent, by attending to more than 126 thousand applications from young people aspiring to enter the academic units of the upper secondary and higher education levels in the school-based, non-school-based and mixed modalities.

"We must and want a Polytechnic that is already inserted in the 21st century, that improves many processes and therefore we know that the digital era and digital issues will allow us to take a step forward in terms of the needs that are required," he said at the ceremony held at the IPN facilities.

Reyes Sandoval assured that the online exam allowed applicants who live in other states to take the process without having to travel, which benefited, above all, those who do not have the resources to travel.

He added that the internationalization actions promoted at this university were strengthened, making the IPN an educational option for applicants in Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Peru.

"I want to recognize the commitment and effort involved in the challenge of taking an online exam. In a responsible, committed and honest manner, the candidates expressed their knowledge of this fundamental process for their education. "

He recognized the effort and talent of the work team made up of employees of the Secretaría de Servicios Educativos (SSE) and the Centro Nacional de Cálculo (Cenac), who took on the challenge of conducting the IPN entrance exam completely online for the first time.

The general director of Netmedia, Mónica Mistretta Ochoa, said that the IPN's Online Admission Examination project achieved the best score from the evaluation committee made up of experts in the area of innovation.

"In the IPN they faced resistance to change and ingrained customs, but they achieved a qualitative leap, not only in a particular process that is the admission exam, but in the lives of students and aspirants to a quality education. "

He indicated that the "Most Innovative Netmedia 2022" contest is a benchmark in the information technology industry and establishes a high standard of competitiveness, through strict measurement parameters and a transparent process.

The secretaria de Servicios Educativos, Ana Lilia Coria Páez, highlighted the way in which this house of studies assumed and faced a paradigm shift with respect to what was done in previous admission periods. "It is a pride to be part of the digital transformation of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional ".

He said that the award motivates the IPN to continuously improve the admission process to focus all possible actions to provide a quality service to applicants.

The coordinador general del Cenac, Carlos Ruiz Víquez, said that the Polytechnic has been characterized, throughout its 86 years, for being an innovative institution in the generation of products of different nature, such as the incorporation of technological advances.

He explained that the institute implemented the admission test by using artificial intelligence to recognize and validate the identity of the applicants, in addition to employing machine learning to automatically identify their environment and verify that they complied with the rules of the process.

The online admission test modality represented several savings and advantages; for example, 35 tons of paper equivalent to 525 trees were no longer used. Also, no ink was used and vehicular traffic around the application sites was not saturated as in other years, which contributed to the care of the environment.

In this edition of the admission exam, 90.74 percent of the applicants were assigned to their first choice, 8.19 percent to their second choice and 0.99 percent to their third choice. In previous years, just over 20 percent of applicants stayed in their first choice.