Technical Studies in International Commerce


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  • Basic knowledge of mathematics, language and communication, history, English and computer systems.


  • Information processing.

  • Oral, writing and body language skills.
  • Reasoning concerning social environment.
  • Full command of a foreign language.


  • Sensible, availability to change, willing to transform their environment..

  • Having a critical sense and being proactive.

Perfil de Egreso

Generic Competences

  • Know and value oneself and address problems and challenges bearing in mind the objectives pursued.
  • Support a personal position on relevant general issues, taking into consideration different points of view by adopting a critical and reflexive attitude.
  • Participate and collaborate efficiently in different teams.
  • Choose and have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Have full civic and ethical awareness to participate in the life of their local community, region Mexico and the world.
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards interculturality and diversity of belief, values, ideas and social practice.

    Disciplinary Competences

  • Engage in an ethical behaviour through the exercise of their rights and obligations in diverse social environments.

  • Propose solutions to problems within the environment with a critical and reflective attitude, raising awareness about the importance of balance in the relationship between human being and nature.
  • Provide solid argument for ideas concerning diverse historic and social phenomena through theoretical and methodological procedures.
  • Value and promote the historical and cultural heritage of their community taking into consideration the knowledge of their contribution to support their own national identity in Mexico nowadays.
  • Implementing administration and economy principles and strategies according to the objectives and goals in their life project.

    Professionals Competences

  • Apply domestic and international market studies and analyses in order to develop marketing programmes.

  • Implement foreign trade legal and operational aspects in compliance with current regulations in their social context.
  • Evaluate international freight traffic logistics by selecting means of transport in compliance with current regulations.
  • Evaluate financial products according to the specific needs of SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises).
  • Implement legal provisions in terms of international trade contracts.


To enter the High School Programmes of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the applicant must fulfill the requirements established in the allocation contest of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of High School Education (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the registration process mentioned by the contest publication.

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