Engineering in Architecture


To train human resources with solid and integral knowledge to design mankind habitat with the need to show high scientific and technological knowledge including, social responsibility. Graduate students can join the Architecture field to meet the demands for living spaces that society requires.

Candidate’s Profile

High school knowledge.

  • Command of Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, History, Geography, Technical drawing, Architectural drawing, Investigation Methodology, Study skills.


  • Reading comprehension, writing skills, Mathematics reasoning, command of computer programs.

Attitudes and Values

  • Leadership skills, integration and teamwork skills.
  • Service to society empathy.

Graduate´s profile

  • A professional with universal, humanistic education training within the National Polytechnic Institute doctrine, scientific, technological and aesthetic knowledge to allow conceptualization and construction of rational, stable and inexpensive buildings, protecting the natural environment as well as the historical heritage with a mystical consciousness related to social service, to promote economic global interdependence, culture and politics to obtain a balanced and harmonic development of the Mexican society.

  • Trained to aim at high quality and productivity standards, who understand the meaning of competitiveness in the supply and demand market.

Academic Requirements

  • High school completion.
  • Admission Examination registration, surrender documents listed in the school call.
  • Pass the entry examination.
  • Once accepted, register at ESIA Tecamachalco campus.

Work Field

The Engineer/Architect finds personal growth in governmental departments at different levels such as local, municipal, regional, state-wide and federal areas, either in Public Construction or Urban Development projects.

As a town planner in an architectural firm or construction companies.

Some lines of curriculum development are project and architectural design, structural design for facilities, graphical representations of urban architectural projects, administration and construction management, territorial planning and urban design.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.