Textile Engineering


Training professionals who are able to carry out activities for planning, managing, operating and providing maintenance and technological adaptation to design, evaluate, implement and administrate the systems required to foster Mexican National business development and technological Independence and provide knowledge in the knitted fabric textile industry, yarn textile engineering, textile and clothing engineering and the textile-finishing industry.

Candidate’s Profile

The textile engineering candidate should meet the necessary requirements of the school services directorate at IPN and possess the following skills:

  • Logical Reasoning.
  • Mathematics and Physics Modelling Implementation to generate solutions.
  • Social Adaptability.
  • Design Capacity.
  • Creativity.
  • Problem Analysis.
  • Fault Diagnosis and Solution Proposal.

Graduate´s profile

Through the Educational Process, the Textile Engineering students receive a wide range of knowledge on basic sciences, engineering and technological development providing them with abilities such as programming, machines and tools operation, manuals interpretation and management of software. For this particular reason, the Textile-finishing Engineering graduate can carry out the following activities:

  • Investigation.
  • Planning Projects.
  • Productive Systems and Processes design.
  • Logistics.
  • Staff Management.
  • Resource Management.
  • Business Administration.
  • Development within the knowledge area.

Academic Requirements

Comply in a timely manner with each of the stages of the admission process highlighted in the call for entry to the university system at IPN and show documents such as:

  • High school official Certificate.
  • Secondary school Certificate.
  • Population Register Number (CURP).
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Pass the Entry Examination.
  • 6 credential sized photographs.

Work Field

The Textile Industry is one of the most important economic activities in the manufacturing sector.

There is currently, a great demand of highly qualified Textile Engineers in the National and International scope making the Textile Engineering School the leader in the field and allowing our graduate students to join important textile industries without delay besides having the opportunity to enter other industries related to the textile area in the private and public sectors or independently as a manufacturer, contractor, counsellor or advisor.

There is also a possibility to join investigation and teaching fields.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.