Certified Public Accountant


To prepare professionals with the capacity and knowledge to direct, advise and execute all those business activities aimed at locating, stimulating and satisfying the demand of national goods in international markets, give advice and carrying out importation, as well as contributing to the optimization of the resources and elements that intervene in the industrialization and commercialization of goods and services produced in the country.

Candidate’s Profile

The candidate to the degree of Public Accountant must possess a thorough knowledge of English and management of information and communication technologies, the ability to work in teams and creativity for problem solving and professional ethical behaviour.

Graduate´s profile

The graduate of the degree of Public Accountant has knowledge to prepare and evaluate accounting and administrative information for decision-making in globalized environments.

Use information technologies and develop activities in accordance with the current normative dispositions and with professional ethics.

Show the ability to suggest solutions fostering the efficiency and profitability of the surroundings.

Respond to the values of a professional quality of work, respect for the dignity of human beings, integrity, responsibility, credibility and call to serve.

Academic Requirements

Comply in a timely manner with each of the stages of the admission process highlighted in the call for entry to the university system at IPN and show documents such as:

  • High school Certificate.
  • Secondary School Certificate.
  • Unique Code of Population Registration (CURP).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Pass the entry examination.
  • 6 credential photographs.

Work Field

The Public Accountant can develop in national and international companies, always assuming positions of leadership that enlighten the work of the Public Accountancy, as financial and business consultant in the fundamental areas of the profession such as Accounting, Finance, Tax, Audit and Administration and in the private, public and independent sectors.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.