Civil Engineering


To prepare Civil Engineers with a centred perspective on the development of the country, fostering the collaboration in multidisciplinary research, aiming to find integrated solutions on issues about urban and rural development of the communities, in the analysis, design, creation, operation, maintenance, administration of a nationally or internationally needed infrastructure to be developed without damaging neither the environment nor the scientific development.​

Candidate’s Profile

  • Possess a high school basic knowledge to guaranty a good performance in university.
  • Show analytic and synthetic reasoning skills.
  • Apply the knowledge to find solutions to different academic issues.
  • Plan and foresee consequences to the decisions made.
  • Manage information and set objectives.
  • Show creativity and imagination.
  • Show empathy for team work.
  • Attitude and Values.
    • Discipline, order, responsibility and studying perseverance. Adaptation and team work ability. Persuasion and self-confidence to reach goals.

Graduate´s profile

  • Knowledge

    • Strong background in basic sciences, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as engineering sciences such as structure engineering, hydraulics, soil mechanics, systems, sanitary, land routes and construction, computer tools usage and operation. Strong background in social and administrative sciences for a good performance in society so as to find solutions and reinforce the infrastructure needed in the country.
  • Skills

    • Wit, skill, observation, initiative, discipline, leadership, creativity, ability to analyse and synthesise.
  • Attitude and Values.

    • Team work
    • Professional Ethics.
    • Motivation to be updated.
    • Responsibility.
    • Social commitment.
    • Tolerance.

Academic Requirements

  • High school Certificate (with at least 7.0 average).
  • Personally confirm the registration at the headquarters.
  • Sit and pass the entry examination.
  • Check the results of the examination.
  • Deliver the required documents according to the admission calendar.

Work Field

  • Civil Engineering offers a wide range of work opportunities in:

    • Public and Private Institutions.
    • Free pursuit of the profession.
    • Teaching and Research.
  • Working on projects to satisfy the needs for:

    • Land Routes.
    • Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.
    • Hydraulics.
    • Construction.
    • Systems.
    • Geotechnics.
  • The functions of Civil Engineers are:

    • Planning.
    • Projects.
    • Construction.
    • Operation.
    • Maintenance.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.