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Welcome to the website of Graduate educations of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), here you can find relevant information about the 154 graduate programs that we offer in engineering and physical-mathematical sciences, biological and medical sciences, social and administrative sciences as well as interdisciplinary sciences. In 2022, we have 6100 students that are attended by 2100 researchers and staff, distributed in 27 undergraduate schools and 20 research centers, located around of the Mexican Republic. It is important to note that students can apply for scholarships and economic support for graduate students, offered by the IPN, CONACYT, just to mention some. Additionally, as part of the partnership with society and the industry, our researchers, and students, could participate in projects or special services whit those partners. For all the above, I invite you to look into our academic programs, which is important to mention are up to date to the international needs of society.

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We understand how difficult it may be to leave your home country to study abroad; if this is your first time in Mexico, you will undoubtedly want information on immigration procedures; our objective is to help you through this process and to expedite the administrative processes required for you to complete your graduate studies at the IPN.

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