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Program / International Trade Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 16 | CECyT 17 | CECyT 5


A leading career in training International Trade Technicians, the avant-garde of high academic quality supported by information and communication technologies, competitive at national and international level that allows them to enter Higher Education Institutions and easily adapt to labor needs; interacting with professionalism in the activity of the exchange of goods and services in international markets; making decisions, leading projects, integrating work teams, modifying and creating new processes through a philosophy of service, honesty, and integrity.

Candidate's Profile


  • Classes are given in Spanish.
  • Basic mathematics, language, communication, history, English, and computer skills.


  • Processing information.
  • Handling oral, written, and body language.
  • The reasoning of the social environment.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language.


  • Be reflective and show a willingness to change their environment.
  • Be critical and proactive.

Graduate's profile

Generic Competences

  • Knows and values him/herself and approaches problems and challenges taking into account the objectives.
  • Supports a personal position on topics of interest and general relevance, considering other points of view critically and reflectively.
  • Participates and collaborates effectively in diverse teams.
  • Participates with a civic and ethical conscience in the life of their community and/or region in Mexico and the world.
  • Maintains a respectful attitude towards interculturalism and diversity of beliefs, values, ideas, and social practices.

Disciplinary Competences

  • Assumes an ethical behavior through the exercise of their rights and obligations in different social scenarios.
  • Proposes solutions to problems in their environment with a critical and reflective attitude, creating awareness of the importance of balance in the relationship between human beings and nature.
  • Argues their ideas regarding diverse historical-social phenomena through theoretical-methodological procedures.
  • Values and promotes the historical-cultural heritage of their community, based on the knowledge of its contribution to the identity of Mexico today.
  • Applies principles and strategies of administration and economy according to the objectives and goals of their life project.

Professionals Competences

  • Applies studies and analysis of domestic and international markets to develop marketing programs.
  • Applies legal and operational aspects of foreign trade according to current regulations in the social context.
  • Assesses the logistics of international traffic, selecting means of transportation according to current regulations.
  • Evaluates financial products according to the specific needs of SMEs.
  • Applies legal provisions regarding international commercial contracts.

Academic Requirements

To enroll in the Middle Highschool with Technical Studies of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), the applicant must comply with the requirements established by the assignment contest of the Comisión Metropolitana de Instituciones Públicas de Educación Media Superior (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the enrollment process as mentioned in the call for applications.

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Curriculum Map

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