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Program / Telecommunications Technician

Is taught in: CECyT 11


The accredited academic program of Telecommunications Technician of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional integrally trains students trained to join the Higher Level and/or the productive sector, developing attitudes, values, and generic and technical labor competencies that contribute to the development of society.

Candidate's Profile


  • Classes are given in Spanish.
  • Basic concepts of mathematics (arithmetic and algebra).
  • Basic concepts of physics (electricity and magnetism).
  • Rules of oral and written language.


  • Lifelong learning: It implies the possibility of learning to assume and direct one's learning throughout one's life to integrate oneself into the written and mathematical culture, as well as to mobilize diverse cultural, scientific, and technological knowledge to understand reality.
  • Information management.
  • Thinking, reflecting, arguing, expressing critical judgments, analyzing, synthesizing, and using information.
  • Technical, cognitive, and socioemotional skills.
  • Divergent thinking, decision-making, and leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship.


  • Willingness to live together: It implies relating in harmony with others and with nature.
  • To grow with others, to manage personal and emotional relationships adequately.
  • Developing personal identity.
  • Recognize and value the elements of ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity that characterize our country.
  • Assertive communication, and collaborative work with a sustainable approach.
  • Gender equity.

Graduate's profile

To develop domestic and commercial communication solutions through the installation, configuration, repair, maintenance, and operation of electrical, electronic, and telecommunications equipment, by current regulations and the sustainable development approach, to meet the user's voice, video, and data transmission and reception needs.

Generic Competences

  • Formulates and solves problems, applying abstract reasoning, logical thinking, abstract reasoning, computational thinking, mathematical thinking, and creativity.
  • Is self-taught, critical, innovative, and proactive to learn quickly and constantly new knowledge.
  • Argues the solution obtained from a problem with graphical, numerical, or analytical methods.
  • Recognizes his or her values, strengths, and areas of opportunity, and approaches problems and challenges taking into account the objectives he or she is pursuing.
  • Works as part of a team, under pressure, and in a constructive, participative, and responsible manner.
  • Uses the services and tools of the Internet and online education intensively and fluently.
  • Manages human relations.
  • Communicates formally, verbally, and in writing, fluently, in Spanish, English, and Mandarin Chinese or another language.
  • Uses time effectively.
  • Possesses a proactive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills, ability to mobilize the capabilities of others, problem-solving, and negotiating effectively and efficiently.
  • Manages specific purpose software and computer tools.
  • Uses ICT ethically and responsibly to develop innovations and propose solutions.
  • Presents products, ideas, or reports in public.
  • Avoids unsafe situations to safeguard their physical, economic, and psychosocial integrity.

Disciplinary Competences

  • Performs risk analysis and risk assessment of a work area.
  • Supervises the work in a work area.
  • Master the specific knowledge of the area.
  • Generates new ideas, opportunities, and solutions, coordinates activities, and makes decisions that improve work performance.
  • Prepares reports and documents.
  • Plans, develops, and maintains sustainable telecommunications, industrial and domestic solutions and projects.
  • Diagnoses and repairs electrical, electronic, and telecommunications equipment and systems, using instruments for measuring electrical and physical parameters, according to current technical and safety standards.
  • Solves control needs in electrical, electronic, and communication devices through the construction of digital combinational and sequential circuits with MSI, GAL, and PLD.
  • Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical, electronic, communications, and computer equipment in the domestic and work environment, under current national and international standards.
  • Installs and operates audio and video equipment, by normal or satellite transmission systems.
  • Supervises and estimates costs of installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical, electronic, and telecommunications equipment.
  • Performs dynamic signaling.
  • Develops basic computer solutions to automate telecommunications tasks.
  • Develops applications for mobile devices.
  • Develops and updates computer programs.
  • Performs telecommunications and industrial projects with Arduino. What is Arduino?
  • Knows high definition mounting systems, operational amplifiers, nanotechnology, fiber optics, high definition television, automation principles, IoT, 5G, structured cabling, nanosatellites, data analysis, signal links, application usage, cybersecurity, satellite technology, and robotics.
  • Installs, designs, configures, maintains, and implements TCP/IP, LAN, and WAN networks.
  • Develops computer programs to take advantage of Web services.
  • Installs fiber optics.
  • Provides technical support, service, and customer care.
  • Has marketing skills.
  • Possesses innovation and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Programs microcontrollers with Arduino.
  • Plans, designs, and develops communication solutions to solve data, voice, and video transmission or reception needs.

Professional Competences

  • Install equipment and materials for reception and distribution of signals from the reception and control center according to the established program.
  • Operate public circuit communication systems.
  • Monitor the behavior of public circuit switching systems.
  • Verify the physical and operating conditions of public circuit switching systems.
  • Maintain telecommunications equipment, networks, and systems.

Academic Requirements

To enroll in the Middle Highschool with Technical Studies, Non-School and Mixed modalities, the requirements established in the call of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional must be complied with. Once the results are published, the applicant must complete the enrollment process as mentioned in the call.

Curriculum Map

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