Accommodation for visiting researchers

The "Accommodation Programme for Visiting Researchers (RIV) at the IPN" signifies the consolidation of Academic Mobility through the construction of a building to house either professors or national and international researchers from higher education institutions or public and commercial research centers. ​

Its goal is to boost the growth of formation and research activities from prominent academics so that they can cooperate on these projects during their stay, therefore contributing to the work of the IPN community with novel aspects, new methodologies, or other points of view. Furthermore, as part of a partnership and globalization program, they will help to establish new study topics or reinforce current ones.

The RIV is located on Miguel Bernard Avenue and Juan de Dios Bátiz in San José Ticomán, Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City, Zip code 07340. For more information, please see the location map.


Our primary objective

The IPN was established with the goal of forming high-quality professionals who will contribute to the development of the national, scientific, and technological fields on the three levels of study offered, as well as to promote the growth of research, extension, and broadcasting activities of education services. It responds to the problem by extending educational opportunities and services related to national development needs.

It was judged necessary to build a specific accommodation as a result of the operation of exchange and cooperation projects for national and international students, instructors, scientists, and authorities. As a result, the Institute's administration commissioned the Patronage for Works and Facilities (POI) to construct a facility, which was completed in January 2007, to house the visiting researchers. The RIV was launched on February 8, 2007 at a ceremonial event attended by officials from both the Ministry of Education and the IPN.

With the creation of the RIV, a model of education was established in the following areas:

  • The overall concept of formation with flexible educational, multidisciplinary, inter-disciplinary, transdisciplinary, and all-purpose services that correspond to advances in knowledge
  • Research in Institutional Programs of Knowledge Generation and Application and the early formation of researchers
  • The use of intra and extra-institutional resources to exchange information and carry out joint educational and research projects.
  • Internationalization, collaboration, and strengthened ties to promote entrepreneurial education, innovation, and social leadership.

In fact, these efforts are geared toward increasing the Institution's international visibility as an institution of excellence in education, as well as collaborating with other institutions to solve problems and share experiences in order to improve academic activities at the IPN.

The RIV's goal is to:

  • Provide high-quality hosting services to guests in order to facilitate the fulfillment of academic activities in accordance with installed capacity and approved academic programs.
  • Foster institutional image and status by assisting in the consolidation of academic projects through a permanent 24/7 offer.
  • Maintain constant cooperation among academic areas to organize the hosting service and support the activities of academic visitors.
  • Manage the guest house comprehensively to ensure lodging service and encourage the growth of institutional exchange programs.

Avialable services

The RIV provides the following services to ensure that our visitors have a comfortable and productive stay:

  • 30 rooms (single, double, and suites).
  • Computer room.
  • Laundry room.
  • Multipurpose room.
  • Recreational facilities.
  • Guests have access to an exclusive gym.

The rooms have a queen size bed, Internet access, a stove, a microwave oven, an iron and ironing board, a desk, a safe deposit box, a coffee maker, a TV, a telephone, a fridge, a fan, and a heater. The Suite Room is the only one with a built-in kitchen and a breakfast nook.



Candidates for housing must seek their stay in accordance with the administration's protocols (document delivery sent by the IPN unit or requesting institution providing the visitor's complete data, the length, and the grounds for the stay).

Once the stay has been approved, the candidate will be assigned a room and have access to the recreational facilities, gym, computing, and communal areas upon prior request to the administration, while adhering to the prescribed schedules.

To make an electronic pre-reservation, go to, click on the heading "Reservations," and then follow the instructions.


Fees & Contributions

The RIV charges the following fees for its services:

  • $489.52 Mexican pesos per night for Institutional Researchers (VAT included).
  • For foreign researchers and guests from other educational institutions, the nightly rate is $595.66. (VAT included).

The deposit must be made at a BBVA Bancomer branch on the account number 0154836537 in the name of Instituto Politécnico Nacional - Secretaría de Administración. Upon registration, the voucher must be shown to the RIV Administrator. The total amount of the deposit must equal the complete period of stay.

  • Interbank account number: 012180001548365376


For further information or confirmation, please contact the RIV administrator at 52800 or 52801. Disputes and disagreements shall be resolved by the IPN Secretary of Administration.


Housing rules

  • Candidates for accommodation must seek their stay in accordance with the administration's processes (Document delivery sent by the IPN unit or asking institution with the visitor's complete details, the length, and the grounds for the stay).
  • Once the stay has been approved, the candidate will be assigned a room and have access to the recreational facilities, gym, computing, and communal areas upon prior request to the administration, while adhering to the prescribed schedules.
  • To complete the registration, the candidate must provide the essential information.
  • Additional RIV-requested services must be handled by administration; assistance will be provided based on availability.
  • For security concerns, the guest must follow the administration's rules.

In order to provide our guests with a high-quality service based on respect, the following rules must be followed:

  • The RIV administration cannot be held liable for the loss of personal belongings not registered for storage at the reception desk.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the rooms.
  • No children are permitted; guests are responsible for the usage of the built-in kitchen.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage to the room and must pay the full cost of any repair or substitution.

For more information or confirmation on the RIV's services, please call the office at 5729 6000 extension numbers 52800, 52801 and 52802 or e-mail us at, we will gladly assist you.