Student Exchange

The Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) invites you to experience an Academic Exchange at our Intitution from August to December 2017.


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Culture Dissemination​​

Culture Dissemination ​Culture dissemination and heritage preservation are a priority at the Institute, due to its interest in disseminating and promoting art and culture among the polytechnic community and society in general. The cultural heritage of the Institute is carefully preserved and increased with dedication. Its pictorial heritage includes murals by David Alfaro Siqueiros, Saturnino Herrán, Raúl Anguiano, Jorge González Camarena, among others; etchings by Raúl Anguiano, Pablo O´Higgins, José Luis Cuevas, and bronze marble, wood, and enamel iron sculptures by Sebastián, Vicente Rojo, Francisco Marín, Pedro Coronel, Ivonne Domenge, among the many renowned artists. For over 50 years, the IPN Symphonic Orchestra has played a relevant role in Mexico’s musical panorama. With 90 musicians, it performs twice a year at its venue, the “Alejo Peralta” Auditorium of the “Jaime Torres Bodet” Cultural Center, and frequently performs at academic units of the Institute.

Sport Activity

Sports ​Sports are part of the student’s comprehensive education. The IPN academic units feature sports facilities such as football, soccer and five-a-side football grounds, basketball, tennis, baseball, volley-ball courts as well as outdoor gyms. The “Lázaro Cárdenas” Professional Unit houses the “del Carillon” gym, the swimming pool and football grounds, among others. The “Adolfo López Mateos” Professional Unit sports area features the indoors Olympic pool with the largest solar-based heating system in Latin America, the main gym, racing tracks for athletes and cyclists, and the Wilfrido Massieu Stadium, among other facilities. The Institute also features a sports medicine specialty clinic. Chess, track, basketball, baseball, box, bowling, scuba diving, cycling, hiking, mountain-climbing, body-building, five-a-side football, football, soccer, gymnastics, handball, judo, karate do, kendo, weight-lifting, wrestling, rowing and boating, tae kwon do, tennis, archery, and volleyball are taught and practiced in our facilities.