Technical Studies in Metallurgy


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  • Basic knowledge in subjects preceding a major such as:
  • Mathematics.
  • Technical drawing.
  • Algebra and trigonometry.
  • Computing.
  • Communication.
  • Writing.
  • English.


  • Oral and written communication.

  • Problems solution.
  • Logical reasoning.
  • Computer skills.


  • Self-confidence to express ideas.

  • Ethical and civic values.
  • Empathy to work.
  • Collaborative and team work.

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Generic Competences

  • Assume the consequences of his/her behaviour and decisions.
  • Appreciate, interpret and reflect the art.
  • Recognise physical activity as a means for physical, mental and social development.
  • Respect the interculturality, beliefs, values, ideals and social practices.
  • Identify the main idea in a text or speech and infer conclusions.
  • Build hypothesis and design and apply models to test their validity.
  • Structure knowledge from different fields and establish relationships between knowledge and daily lives.

    Disciplinary Competences

  • Interpret tables, graphs, maps, diagrams and texts with mathematical and scientific symbols.

  • Identify social and humanist knowledge as a construction in continuous transformation.
  • Identify, order and interpret the explicit and implicit ideas, data and concepts in a text considering the context.

    Professional Competences

  • Create natural models for the development of simple parts considering the requirements that the industry needs.

  • Design and build industrial models to obtain metal considering the requirements of the industry.
  • Perform measurements and dimensional analysis both in the international system of units and the English system to be implemented in the metallurgical processes according to specifications.
  • Analyse the characteristics of ores for the production of non-ferrous alloys that meet the quality and regulations required by the company.
  • Assess the operations of the production processes, to detect problems and make decisions that contribute to the improvement of quality, based on existing specifications and standards.


To enter the High School Programmes of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the applicant must fulfill the requirements established in the allocation contest of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of High School Education (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the registration process mentioned by the contest publication.

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