Technical Studies in Food


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  • Basic knowledge of Basic and Humanistic science subjects.


  • Critical, analytical, logical and mathematical thinking.

  • Oral and writing skills.


  • Service attitude.

  • Ethical and moral values.
  • Formal and neat appearance.
  • Tolerance and respect for multiculturalism.

Perfil de Egreso

Generic Competences

  • Know and value oneself and address problems and challenges bearing in mind the objectives perused.
  • Choose and have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Listen, interpret and issue appropriate messages in different contexts by using suitable means, codes and tools.
  • Develop innovations and proposing solutions to problems.
  • Learn on their own initiative and self-interest throughout life.
  • Efficiently participate and collaborate in different teams.
  • Support a personal position on relevant general issues, taking into consideration different points of view by adopting a critical and reflexive attitude.

    Disciplinary Competences

  • Express ideas, thoughts and opinions orally and in a written manner, interacting with their surrounding environment through their families, jobs, social circle and themselves by using reading comprehension, analysis and synthesis as well as their knowledge of the mother tongue and a foreign language to interpret messages and compose writings by using communication technology.

  • Maintain a favourable attitude towards change and understanding of universal diversity as a result of a historical and social process through the incorporation of knowledge of man in a universal national and regional dimension.
  • Critically and reflexively interpret scientific endeavour and its current and future importance as well as becoming aware of technological development’s social economic and environmental impact.

    Professional Competences

  • Prepare and refurbish consumables for food industrial process in compliance with the established standards.

  • Carry out physicochemical microbiological and sensorial analyses, under the specified techniques, before, during and after food process.
  • Operate laboratory equipment and offer solutions in compliance with domestic and international sanitary standards for food analysis.
  • Process fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk, meats and their derivatives in compliance with established operation standards in order to expand shelf life and maintain their nutritional quality.
  • Control processes quality and products in compliance with established standards and customer requirements.


To enter the High School Programmes of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the applicant must fulfill the requirements established in the allocation contest of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of High School Education (COMIPEMS). Once the results are published, the student must complete the registration process mentioned by the contest publication.

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