Geological Engineering


To train high level professionals with solid theoretical and practical knowledge in Geology and the purpose of studying the Earth in a general way, its origin, composition, internal structure and historical evolution, locate and rationally exploit the natural resources of the subsoil such as hydrocarbons, minerals and rocks of economic importance, underground water and steam while considering the preservation of the environment.

Candidate’s Profile

Candidates to the degree of Geological Engineering must have the following knowledge:

  • Solid academic bases in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Drawing and Computing, at high school level, preferably in the area of Physical-Mathematical Sciences.

    Candidates must also have the following skills:

  • Observation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information. Integration and application of acquired knowledge.

    Candidates must show the following attitudes and values:

  • Discipline, order and constancy.
  • Availability to work in team with other students.
  • Ethics
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Self-criticism, reflexion and open thinking.

Graduate´s profile

  • Abilities

    • Observe, analyse, describe and identify minerals, rocks, fossils and geological structures.
    • Conceptualize three-dimensional structures and geological environments.
    • Show concrete and reflective thinking capacity.
    • Communicate oral and written results of their studies.
    • Analyse, integrate, summarize and synthesize the information required for problem solving.
    • Manage computers and computer programs.
    • Show proficiency in English language.
    • Manage human and financial resources under their care.
  • Attitudes and Values

    • Know how to work in team.
    • Know how to play the leading role.
    • Perform their work responsibly and ethically.
    • Show willingness to stay updated professionally.
    • Have a critical and open thinking.
    • Have initiative to conduct research.
    • Show discipline, order, responsibility and constancy.
    • Be entrepreneurial, creative and proactive.
    • Have a social commitment.

Academic Requirements

Comply in a timely manner with each of the stages of the admission process highlighted in the call for entry to the university system at IPN and show documents such as:

  • Official certificate of higher education.
  • Certificate of secondary education.
  • Single Population Registry Key (CURP).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Pass the entry examination.
  • 6 small size (4x4) photos.

Work Field

The graduate of Geological Engineering can apply their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in areas such as:

  • Oil Geology.
  • Mining Geology.
  • Geohidrology.
  • Environmental Geology.
  • Geological Risk.
  • Geothermal.
  • Geotechnics.
  • Volcanology.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.