Mathematical Engineering


To train professionals who will apply or create industrial, administrative and financial models which will be should be used by professionals of other specialties as a tool to investigate, design, produce, construct, operate, maintain and estimate systems with varying degrees of complexity. The graduate will be able to simulate processes allowing the prediction of events.

Candidate’s Profile

Candidates for a mathematical engineering degree ought to possess the following qualities:

  • Enjoy mathematics and its applications.
  • Have the ability to focus, synthesize and analyse.
  • Show interest in the interaction of mathematics with other disciplines.
  • Show empathy for team work.
  • Show discipline and constancy at work.

Graduate´s profile

Graduates acquire a solid background in mathematics sensitive to the problems of industry and financial world and in accordance to his specialty and are to analyse real problems, create mathematical models representing them, design methods leading to their solution and interpret them in a real problem context by relying on information technologies.

The graduate in the industrial option can also lead multidisciplinary projects in areas such as:

  • Quality control.
  • Production management.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Reengineering.
  • Statistics.
  • Forecasting.

Graduating in the finance option allows to coordinate efforts of interdisciplinary groups on multiple topics such as corporate finance, project evaluation, investment portfolio valuation, Mexican financial system, risk and sensitivity analysis, statistics and forecasts.

Academic Requirements

Comply in a timely manner with each of the stages of the admission process highlighted in the call for entry to the university system at IPN and show documents such as:

  • Official certificate of higher education.
  • Certificate of secondary education.
  • Single Population Registry Key (CURP).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Pass the entry examination.
  • 6 small size photographs.

Work Field


Mathematics Engineering graduates have a large field of opportunities in the industrial sector with a formation in Mathematics allowing them to adapt mathematical models to industrial processes by simulating, innovating and optimizing them.

In addition, this training facilitates a foray into the issues of statistical quality control. Some of the companies where our alumni currently work are: Marinela, Aeroméxico, Wal-Mart, Nextel, Liverpool, PriceShoes, Simón Printers, MVS, among others.

Administration and finance

In the financial and service sectors, our graduates work in all areas that require decision-making, behavior prediction, resources optimization, systems development, etc. Mathematical Engineers currently hold positions in: HSBC, Santander, INBURSA, Banco Azteca, PAE Mexico, DaimlerFinancialService, Berdeja y Bluter Consultores, Covarrubias y Asociados, Nacional Financiera, the president’s office, the ministry of education, SEDESOL, CONAFE, the Federal District Government, among others.

Research and Teaching

Graduates who are interested in continuing their studies, in order to carry out research and specialized teaching in the areas of statistics, probability, stochastic control, economics and quality systems can choose to enter postgraduate courses offered in prestigious institutions such as CIMAT, UAM, CIDE, CINVESTAV IPN, IMP, UNAM, ESFM IPN, ESIME IPN, ITESM, etc.

Curriculum Map

Check the list of subjects, credits and total hours of the program on the website of each school.