About us

The IPN has a long history of promoting scientific research, technical progress, and innovation in Mexico and around the world.

The IPN performs research and technology development in a wide range of fields.

The research culture and social commitment are institutional cornerstones that have made the IPN a major institution in scientific knowledge generation and a reference in technological development and innovation at the national and Latin American levels.


Financing schemes

We develop innovative projects to face the challenges of today's world, with a strong social commitment.

Annually, we carry out close to 2,100 projects, which are developed under financing schemes with our own capital and with.

Areas of knowledge

From the humanities to nanosciences, our community is developing research and inventions in the following areas:

  • I. Engineering and technology
  • II. Natural sciences
  • III. Medical sciences
  • IV. Agricultural sciences
  • V. Natural sciences
  • VI. Social sciences
  • VII. Humanities

Search for a researcher (PURE)

In PURE you will find profiles of the Institute's researchers, research units, research results and international collaborations.

In each profile you will be able to identify the topics in which each researcher stands out through the Fingerprint, you will also find their research products, research metrics both national (SNI level) and international (h-index), their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, contact information and the research unit in which they are located.

Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI)

The SNI, for its Spanish acronym, is a program of the National Council of Science and Technology within the framework of a State policy that favors the national public interest, the integral development of the country, national sovereignty, scientific and technological independence, the care and restoration of the environment, the welfare of the people of Mexico and recognizes the social function of the humanities, sciences, technologies and innovation in favor of humanity.

The program annually invites persons of any nationality who carry out humanistic or scientific research, technological development or innovation activities in Mexico, and persons of Mexican nationality who carry out humanistic or scientific research, technological development or innovation activities abroad to submit their application to enter, remain or be promoted in the National System of Researchers, in accordance with its regulations and the Rules of Operation of the National System of Researchers Program of the National Council of Science and Technology Pp S191.

The IPN actively participates in this program through its teaching staff, being an educational institution located in the first places in terms of the number of teachers belonging to the program with respect to other national institutions.

Currently, the IPN has a staff of 1,423 professors in the SNI, at CANDIDATE (C), LEVEL I, LEVEL II and LEVEL III levels and over the last 8 years has increased its staff by almost 39% as shown in the following table:

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